recording services and custom music production for
well over a decade. In addition, the studio has been
privileged to host a wide variety of musicians and
artists who have chosen us to record their
wonderfully eclectic musical projects.

Jonathon Leubner started out as an organ grinder
on the wrong end of a monkey leash in 1959. Since
then, he has pulled himself up by the bootstraps as
a vagabond minstrel, roustabout, an itinerant
recording junkie, and as the unofficial oddfellows
posterboy. He has also been known to play the
accordion when he is alone and the lights are out.
He personally founded & created SURROUNDINSOUND
during the 1980's so he could be a man of many hats, and so his clientele
would not notice just how bald he's been truly getting over the years.